Status: Beta

Blount County Verified Businesses

What are Blount County, TN verified businesses?

When you see a business listed on the directory and it has a blue check next to its name, it means this listing is managed by the business. There is no charge for verifying a business on When a business is verified, they will have the ability to make updates to the profile, add images, services and more.

The verified business feature is currently not available at the moment. Once it is, you will be able to start the verification process.

Featured Business

A featured business is a specialty listing with its own perks. You may see some listings with a small black icon with a star in the middle, or even a larger icon that says featured. This gives businesses a little more exposure by boosting it’s rank to the top of listings when browsing the different categories.

Featured businesses will also appear in other strategic places on the site for more exposure, among other things that are in the works. This classification is in testing and once ready, we will post on how to gain access to it.