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Blount County Property Assessor

The Blount County Property Assessor’s Office.

Location and Contact

351 Court Street
Maryville, TN 37804

(865) 273-5850

Assessment Information

Current Property Assessment Values

Residential land: 25% of Its “Fair Market Value” or “Use Value”
Residential Improvement: 25% of “Fair Market Value”
Commercial Property: 40% of “Fair Market Value”

Does the assessor raise and lower property taxes?

Taxes are not increased or decreased by the assessor. The laws that have an impact on property owners are not made by the assessor. The fundamental structure for taxation is set forth in the Tennessee Constitution, which was approved by the state’s citizens, and tax legislation are enacted by the Tennessee Legislature. The Tennessee Legislature establishes the laws and rules governing assessments.

Additional information via Blount County Assessor website