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Bugs being fixed

We have had some feedback and bug reports over the last few days. Slowly these will be fixed based on the severity of the submitted bugs. We appreciate those who are helping out with the testing. Things are moving along quite nicely. open beta now in session

We have opened up the site for now to the public. The site is read-only at the moment and does not contain any account creation or features. These features will come at a later date. Right now, we ask visitors to browse around the site, looking for bugs and to suggest businesses, places and anything else you can think of that you would like to see on the site. We want this site to be a central hub for everything Blount County, TN and we can only do that with your help!

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Showcase your photos on

We are currently looking for photographers who would like to showcase their photos on location listings. If you are interested in providing some great shots from our beautiful county for the listings that need images, please get in touch with us. All selected photos will be given proper credits with links to portfolio etc. Image use licensing will also be required.

BlountTN v0.8

As of now, the website is in beta. We still have a lot to do such as building up the business and restaurant directory among other things. While in beta, we invite users to test the site, make suggestions and let us know what you think and what you would like to see.

Any questions, just let us know here in this thread.

Some things we are working on as of 01/30/23

  • Business Directory: Adding a feature that allows listing owners and managers to list your services in an organized repeater system. This would allow you to list the service title, description and starting prices

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