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Fort Loudoun Lake


About Fort Loudoun Lake

in Friendsville

Lake Access via the Whispering Cove Marina.

Fort Loudoun Lake, which is a branch of the Upper Tennessee River, has 14,600 acres of water that are ideal for recreation, boating, and fishing. It has 379 miles of shoreline and 55 miles of navigable major waterway. Excellent bass and catfish are well-known for it. Many land species live there as well, including herons, osprey, turtles, and even bald eagles. An annual passage of 500,000 tons of goods is made possible by a 360-foot lock at Fort Loudoun Dam that lowers boats and barges from Watts Bar Lake to Fort Loudoun Lake.


Place: Lake Access Points

Address: 259 Cedar Crest Ln

City: Friendsville